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 2016-2017 Program Catalog

Integrating Business, Management and Technology

If you’re looking for a business management degree that will be useful both today and tomorrow, look no further than the  Accelerated Online Bachelor of Science in Management and eBusiness (MEBA). This accelerated program for adult learners combines learning about management and the technical aspects of modern businesses. You won’t take separate isolated courses in business and technology. Instead you will study a curriculum that integrates the latest business principles with cutting edge eTechnologies such as the Internet, web technologies, social networking, mobile computing and wireless communications. As a MEBA student, you can choose from two concentrations: Business Analytics and Digital Marketing. No other local undergraduate institution offers these concentrations to the adult market.

Program Goals
As a graduate of the MEBA Adult Degree Program you will be able to:

  • Know and critique core concepts of foundational business disciplines using business management and technology skills required to move organizations forward in a digital age;
  • Integrate IT with business management skills;
  • Collect and analyze business data using quantitative and qualitative methods to make informed business decisions, create processes and promote innovation;
  • Identify and develop strategies for the challenges of managing and leading organizations in a global digital age;
  • Design innovative entrepreneurial projects that directly apply to organizations;
  • Apply business knowledge and principles ethically to organizations, which can help transform organizations and society.

Career and Earnings Outlook

Business Managers – Managerial positions can take many forms and often include such duties as overseeing a department or large operation, hiring employees, and inspiring staff to meet company objectives. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates 5% job growth in management positions through 2020. Healthcare management positions are forecast to grow at a much faster rate. The median annual salary for general and operations managers is currently around $95,000.

eBusiness Managers – eBusiness management figures large in the future of business. Careers in this field are forecast to grow by 5% through 2022 and the median annual salary is around $75,381. Another career possibility for eBusiness management graduates is multimedia design that anticipates 20% job growth through 2022 and offers a median annual salary of $63,490. Computer science is another career field ripe with opportunity. This field anticipates 25% job growth through 2022 and has a median annual salary of $82,710.

Core Courses

You can put the practical information and hands-on learning you gain through your MEBA courses to use the next day at your job and throughout your career going forward. Core courses cover business strategy, eBusiness, ecommerce, business management, business analysis and design, information technologies, media design, and the management aspects of marketing, finance and accounting with an emphasis on eTechnologies.

Core courses include:

 MEBA 110  Introduction to eBusiness and Management  (3 credits)
 MEBA 210  Introduction to Internet and Web Technologies  (3 credits)
 MEBA 220  Principles of Business Management  (3 credits)
 MEBA 230  Marketing in the Digital Age  (3 credits)
 MEBA 310  eCommerce and mCommerce  (3 credits)
 MEBA 320  Financial and Managerial Accounting  (3 credits)
 MEBA 350  Financial Management  (3 credits)
 MEBA 420  International Business and Strategies  (3 credits)
 MEBA 470  Business systems Analysis, Modeling and Design  (3 credits)
 MEBA 480  Enterprise Architectures and Integration for a Global Economy  (3 credits)

Choose a Concentration

Business Analytics
Digital Marketing

2016-2017 Program Catalog