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Next start dates are: Fall Term B - October 26th.
 2019-2020 Program Catalog

Skills for Today’s Complex, Technology-Driven Business Environment

Business has changed. Today, we’re operating in a global environment that’s driven by technology. As a student in the Online Bachelor’s Degree Program for Adult Learners in Digital Marketing, you’ll gain a clear understanding of the principles, mechanics, and intricacies of the ever-evolving digital marketing environment. To succeed in this fast moving, high tech business environment demands expertise in Digital Marketing. Individuals with diverse skills and deep understanding of the digital environment are increasingly valuable to their organizations in all sectors. Through practical experience, discussions and projects, you will gain an integrated understanding of the links between paid, owned, and earned channels, which comprise the digital marketing environment. You’ll learn to translate the mechanics of Digital Marketing into actionable marketing programs that drive consumer engagement and bring a high return on investment.

Career and Earnings Outlook

Digital Marketing is a field with many career paths. Among the most in demand digital jobs are digital marketing manager, Social media manager, SEO manager, Digital strategy manager, analytics manager, mobile marketing manager, ecommerce manager, and pay-per-click search manager.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics digital marketing managers earn an average annual salary of $124,850 and can expect job growth of 9% through 2024. Digital marketers who are not managers can anticipate earning between $44,000 and $86,000 annually. Digital Marketing is an emerging field that will likely experience growth and exciting changes in the years ahead.

“In today’s marketplace, it’s hard to develop any effective marketing plan without a sound understanding of digital marketing. The Digital Marketing concentration offered by Harrisburg University will provide business students with exposure to critical digital marketing skills like the principles of consumer behavior, search engine marketing, marketing analytics, and marketing research. I’m glad that Harrisburg University has recognized the need to train business students in this critical area of marketing.”

John Walker
Director of Marketing
Steinman Communications

Concentration Goals

By the time you complete the coursework required for the Digital Marketing concentration, you will be able to:

  • Understand the terminology, relationships and the broad categories of the digital marketing environment;
  • Explain the links between the digital marketing environment and overall marketing strategy in traditional channels;
  • Apply the fundamental concepts of media channels and the role they play in an integrated digital marketing strategy;
  • Analyze the dynamics of lead social media platforms including users, how platforms work and associated analytics;
  • Create consumer engagement across multiple social media platforms and evaluate their efficacy;
  • Interpret the principles of mobile marketing and its role in social media and the overall online presence;
  • Create analytics for all paid, owned and earned platforms including but not limited to web/social analytics, search engine marketing and search engine optimization.


Required Concentration Courses

Core Digital Marketing courses include:

 IMED 170 Visual Design Fundamentals  (3 credits)
 MEBA 352 Consumer Behavior  (3 credits)
 MEBA 354 Integrated Marketing Communications  (3 credits)
 MEBA 375 Statistics for Managers  (3 credits)
 MEBA 488 Marketing Research  (3 credits)
 MEBA Elective 300-400 Level  (3 credits)