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Next start dates are: Fall Term A - August 31st - Fall Term B - October 26th.

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Practical, Career Focused University Degree Programs

Each bachelor’s program offered through HU’s Online Bachelor’s Degree Program delivers practical, accelerated “learn-it-tonight-use-it-tomorrow” skills that prepare you to seize career opportunities in today’s fastest growing fields. Your degree program will include opportunities to work independently and collaboratively with your instructors and classmates on projects that ensure you not only understand theories but also can apply them to real-world challenges. Classes are small so you will get to know your instructors and fellow students well. However, since you can complete the program at your own pace, there are no cohorts. You can jump in or take a break anytime between sessions.

Expert Faculty With Real World Experience

expert-faculty-150Before any course is offered through the HU’s Online Bachelor’s Degree Program, we collaborate with business leaders in the discipline and find out where they think the field is headed and what they consider the skills most vital to success. These ideas form the nucleus of what each course covers. To make the program even more connected to the actual work environment, most courses are facilitated by a business professional who is working or has worked extensively in the field. These course leaders also hold excellent academic credentials.

Experiential Learning

While no internship is required in the Online Bachelor’s Degree Program, in various courses throughout your program you will take part in collaborative and independent learning experiences and complete two practical hands-on projects that build your skills in critical areas.

In order to make the Online Bachelor’s Degree Program as valuable as possible, you may complete assignments that involve several of the following:

  • Blogs, journals, logs
  • Case studies and problem-solving scenarios
  • Required online chat rooms for group projects
  • Conference calls
  • Discussion boards
  • Self-directed field trips and tours
  • Individual and/or group projects
  • Guided projects
  • In-class (virtual or classroom) instruction, presentations and self-assessments
  • Instructional CDs, PowerPoints and videos
  • Library research or Web-Quest Internet research
  • Online quizzes
  • Reflection paper or article review
  • Web conferencing

Core Curriculum

In addition to the core courses specifically relating to your major, you may also complete General Education courses that ensure you possess the knowledge and skills required to succeed in science and technology fields. These include selected mathematics and communications courses that ensure you gain a well-rounded university education through the HU’s Online Bachelor’s Degree Program.

Of special note: If you earned a grade of C or higher for General Education courses taken at other institutions, you may be able to transfer this credit and apply it to your Online Bachelor’s Degree Program.

Graduation Requirements

 Students need to earn 120* total credits comprised of the following domains:
General Education 30 credits
Foundation 18 credits
Program Requirements 48-50 credits
Electives 10-12 credits
Experiential Learning 12 credits

Students may transfer in a maximum of 87 credits or 70 credits from a two-year institution. Students must complete 33 credits in residence at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology.  Students must earn a cumulative 2.00 GPA or higher in all coursework and must successfully complete all of the requirements of the declared program of study for which the degree is to be awarded.

Academic Programs

Bachelor of Science in Management, Entrepreneurship, and Business Administration
Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity Operations and Management
Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and Information Technology
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN)

 2019-2020 Program Catalog