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Next start dates are: Fall Term A - August 31st - Fall Term B - October 26th.

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  2. The program is 100% online. Allowing students, the perfect work-life-school balance.
  3. No call centers. You will have your own personal admissions counselor and adviser throughout your entire degree.
  4. It’s affordable– plus we offer payment plans and you may qualify for a federal grant or help from your current employer.
  5. Small class sizes allow students to work closely with their professors.
  6. Harrisburg University is recognized as the foremost science and high-tech university in the region – earn a degree from a university you can be proud of.
  7. Make connections through our alumni base that literally covers the globe.
  8. STEM careers are growing! Studies show that between 2017 – 2027 the STEM field will grow 13% with nearly 500,000 new jobs.1
  9. You’ll earn a degree that pays you backwith a more exciting career. Studies have found that 93 out of 100 STEM occupations had wages above the national average.2
  10. Be Happy! Studies have shown that college graduates are happier in their personal and professional lives! 3

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