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  1. Approximately 1.5 million more cybersecurity professionals will be needed to accommodate the predicted global shortfall by 2020.  Our Cybersecurity Operations and Management degree is created with the knowledge of industry and faulty experts.
  2. The Management & eBusiness bachelor’s degree equips you with skills and knowledge to enter today’s hot and growing career fields.
  3. Courses are facilitated by Award-winning instructors who are leaders and experts in their respective fields.
  4. The program is 100% online
  5. Work at your own pace according to your schedule.
  6. Harrisburg University is recognized as the foremost science and high-tech university in the region – earn a degree from a university you can be proud of.
  7. Make connections through our alumni base that literally covers the globe.
  8. It’s affordable – plus we offer payment plans and you may qualify for a federal grant or help from your current employer.
  9. You’ll earn a degree that pays you back with a more exciting career and great prospects for the future.

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