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Next start dates are: Fall Term B - October 26th.

Home / ISIT 240 – Networking & Security Essentials


Prerequisites: ISIT 140 and CISC 103

Description: This course covers basic networking concepts within the context of the networks we encounter every day. Students develop hands-on networking skills and understand the role networks play in our lives. In addition to networking concepts, students learn about data protection, cybersecurity, most common threats, vulnerabilities, cyber-attacks, and related discussions. Topics include introduction to networks, routing and switching essentials, protocols and services, network design and installation using real equipment and connecting the network to the Internet, practicing verification and troubleshooting the network and Internet connectivity, recognizing and mitigating network security threats, configuring common Internet applications, setting up sharing between computers, and configuring basic IP services. Other topics including WAN topologies, IP errors, security best practices, quality of service, cloud and virtualization, and network programming can be introduced and discussed.


Course Information

  • Course Code: ISIT 240
  • Credits: 3 credits