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Prerequisites: ISIT 240 and CISC 120

Description: This course provides practical knowledge of operating systems. Running at the core of all computers and networks, an OS manages resources and provides the environment for the execution of programs. Different operating systems have different features and capabilities, and it is important to select, properly install, and correctly configure the right OS so that it serves the needs of the business and ultimately runs the information system successfully. In this course, fundamental concepts of operating systems along with specific features of Microsoft’s Windows®, Linux OS, and mobile operating systems will be discussed. Students learn the key concepts of process management, memory management, I/O operations, and security through hands-on practices and projects. Students learn to select, install, configure, maintain (i.e. update and upgrade), and troubleshoot operating systems. This course has both lecture and lab components.


Course Information

  • Course Code: ISIT 335
  • Credits: 3 credits