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Next start dates are: Fall Term B - October 26th.

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Prerequisites:  SEMR 315 or permission, an approved learning contract, and permission of Office(s) of Experiential Programs and Adult Degree Program designation.

An internship allows the student to put theory into practice.  The student applies classroom experiences to the workplace at an off-site placement, where ideas are tested and competencies and skills are developed.  Throughout the internship, the student works regularly with a faculty supervisor, the Office(s) of Experiential Programs and Adult Degree Programs, and a site supervisor who guide the learning process.  The student integrates the collective observations, analyses, and reflections of this experiential team into an internship portfolio that showcases the accomplishments of the experience.  The unique portfolio is constructed throughout the internship, and represents the evolutionary and dynamic nature of the learning process.


Course Information

  • Course Code: MEBA 365
  • Credits: 3 credits