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Next start dates are: Fall Term A - August 31st - Fall Term B - October 26th.

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Prerequisites:  SEMR 315, an approved learning contract, permission of the Office(s) of Experiential Programs and Adult Degree Program, designation of an appropriate academic advisor, and a minimum of 60 earned credits

Description:  This first project in the adult degree student’s experiential program challenges the student to identify, investigate and analyze a particular topic in the program of study or a concentration.  A key objective is to apply skills, methods, and knowledge obtained in prior courses with independent thinking and research; the final product represents the successful and purposeful application of knowledge.  The project is undertaken with the close mentorship of a faculty member and may involve a community partner.  Projects can involve academic and/or scientific-based research, laboratory experiences, needs analysis or development plans for external organizations, or market studies and business plan proposals.


Course Information

  • Course Code: MEBA 398
  • Credits: 3 credits