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Prerequisites:  MEBA 375

This course covers marketing strategies and decisions using quantitative analysis and modeling. It introduces students to analytics using marketing metrics and gives student the tools to research needs and wants of customers; measures brands and customer access and assets, perform regression analysis; and design experiments to evaluate and optimize marketing campaigns. Application of marketing analytics in online and offline marketing channels. Marketing analytics, using relevant statistical software packages like R, SAS, Pyton, tableau, DataXu, etc., are demonstrated. The students is exposed to systematic and analytical approaches in making marketing decisions. Integrated marketing communications, pricing, digital marketing and quantitative analysis are examined. Examples of topics include: market segmentation, market response models, customer profitability, social media in marketing, paid search advertising, product recommendation systems, mobile geo-location analysis, media attribution models and resource allocations.


Course Information

  • Course Code: MEBA 485
  • Credits: 3 credits