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Next start dates are: Fall Term B - October 26th.

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Prerequisites:  MEBA 398, MEBA 498, an approved learning contract, permission of the Offices of Experiential Programs and the Adult Degree Program

The two projects in the experiential program challenges students to identify, investigate and analyze a particular topic in the program of study or a concentration and apply it. This Occupational Practicum offers the adult degree student an expanded opportunity to delve deeper into their existing project(s) and/or work with a professional practitioner (community partner) to apply previous research, knowledge, and skills to develop a new product, proposal, service, needs assessment, unit/department launching, or other organizational entity related to the adult student’s career path. The student is expected to transfer theory into extended application and practice. The Occupational Practicum assists the student in the completion of their ePortfolio. It is an alternative to MRBA 365 Internship; the student needs to complete one or the other.


Course Information

  • Course Code: MEBA 499
  • Credits: 3 credits