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If you’re ready to change course and get on the fast track, you owe it to yourself to check out Harrisburg University’s Online Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and Information Technology.

The program is:

  • 100% online
  • High-Tech focused
  • Part-time and full-time options
  • Affordable

But, best of all, it prepares you to seize today’s – and tomorrow’s – most exciting career opportunities in fields related to your degree. That’s an excellent return on your investment in yourself and your future.

About the Program

The Harrisburg University’s ISIT program provides an opportunity for academic discussions and real-world IS/IT applications to interact and create a unique opportunity for students who want to join the ever-growing community of IT technicians, IT managers, systems administrators, network designers, IT consultants, and business and enterprise architects. The mission extends to preparing skilled workforce for virtually all organizations (locally, nationwide, and globally).

This degree program explores the main concepts of hardware, software, data, people, and processes. Covering the full spectrum of “data capturing and safeguarding along with data analysis and presentation in accordance with business processes” is the general scope of the ISIT program. The social aspects and the role of people in information systems and the underlying technologies are examined within the grand scope of the program.

The ISIT Degree will prepare you with:

  • Essentials of computer systems (system architecture, hardware, OS, programming & scripting)
  • Application, design, and implementation of computer networks and networking components
  • Application, design, development, and maintenance of databases
  • IT infrastructure, IT trouble shooting, and related topics
  • Web technologies and the new paradigms of virtual and cloud computing (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, IBM cloud, .NET framework, web applications, web design, etc.)
  • Mobile platforms, mobile applications and related topics

Graduates of the ISIT program are qualified IT professionals who are prepared for careers in these areas:

• IT Technical Support Specialist • IT Infrastructure Technician
• Technical Support Analyst • e-Commerce Assistant
• End User Support Specialist • Digital Marketing Analyst
• IT Security Monitor • Entry-Level Web Developer
• Security Threat Analyst • Web Developer
• Network Technician • Project Coordinator
• Operations Center Technician • Assistant Project Coordinator
• Computer Technician • Junior Project Manager

Program Requirements – 49 credits

The following courses comprise the required core courses of the Information Systems and Information Technology program. The credit value of each course appears in parentheses ( ).

Complete all the following Core courses – 42 semester hours

 CISC 103  Introduction to Computers & Information Sciences  (4 credits)
 CISC 120  Fundamentals of Computing  (4 credits)
 CISC 225  Information System Design and Analysis  (3 credits)
 CISC 300  Web Technologies and Applications  (3 credits)
 ISIT 140  Introduction to Information Systems  (3 credits)
 ISIT 220  Capturing, Organizing, and Presenting Data  (4 credits)
 ISIT 240  Networking and Security Essentials  (3 credits)
 ISIT 335  Applied Operating Systems  (3 credits)
 ISIT 430  Cloud Services  (3 credits)
 ISIT 470  Emerging Technologies in ISIT  (3 credits)
 MEBA 210  Introduction to Internet and Web Technologies  (3 credits)
 MEBA 375  Statistics for Managers  (3 credits)
 MEBA 470  Business Systems Analysis, Modeling, and Design  (3 credits)

Complete 7 semester hours from the following courses:

 CISC 160  Data Structures  (3 credits)
 CISC 211  Computer Organization and Architecture  (4 credits)
 CISC 233  Essential Algorithms  (3 credits)
 CISC 330  Computer Networks  (4 credits)
 CISC 333  Defensive Programming  (3 credits)
 CISC 349  Smartphones Programming  (3 credits)
 CISC 370  Ethical Hacking  (3 credits)
 CISC 440  Wireless Security Management  (3 credits)
 ISIT 360  Network Installation and Maintenance  (3 credits)
 MATH 310  Discrete Mathematics II  (3 credits)
 MEBA 110  Introduction to Business and Entrepreneurship  (3 credits)
 MEBA 310  eCommerce and mCommerce  (3 credits)
 MEBA 472  Business Intelligence and Decision Support Systems  (3 credits)
 MEBA 480  Enterprise Architecture & Integration for the Global Economy  (3 credits)

 2019-2020 Program Catalog