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Next start dates are: Fall Term A - August 31st - Fall Term B - October 26th.

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Our curriculum is based on what the industry needs.

  • “There’s no longer a distinction between marketing professionals and digital marketing professionals – they’re one and the same. We’re entering an era where great digital experiences can make or break a business – regardless of industry. Today’s professionals must be right and left brained. They must get their organization from insights to action faster than the competition. Most companies are hungry for top digital talent that can think strategically and execute flawlessly across paid, earned and owned digital media. It’s excellent to see Harrisburg University recognizing this need and preparing students for the future.”

    Nick Lucente

    Digital Marketing Manager

  • “In today’s marketplace, it’s hard to develop any effective marketing plan without a sound understanding of digital marketing. The Digital Marketing concentration offered by Harrisburg University will provide business students with exposure to critical digital marketing skills like the principles of consumer behavior, search engine marketing, marketing analytics, and marketing research. I’m glad that Harrisburg University has recognized the need to train business students in this critical area of marketing.”


    John Walker
    Director of Marketing
    Steinman Communications

  • “Time starved. Multiple screens. Swiping, swapping and sharing.
    Today’s marketers must have clear strategies of existing and emerging technology to connect with consumers. The work in digital marketing has really just begun and will never end. Being sharp in these areas isn’t a competitive advantage – it’s the price of entry.”


    John Bassounas

  • “More now than ever, today’s organizations must brand themselves – from products and services to talent recruitment and retention – to give them a differentiated competitive advantage. Earning your degree in the Digital Marketing concentration will make you the go to person to develop and deliver that needed branding.”

    Stephen Fries

    Manager of Human Resources Development & Communications (retired)